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Articles English 2023

Frozen drinking water (30-11-23)

Bart B is one of those people who live in an apartment with the pigeons about three kilometers away

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But... (28-11-23)

I was asked if I had ever heard of Hooymans. And if I knew them.

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Strain/race (26-11-23)


 Someone asked me if I knew anyone else with the pure Hofkens breed, besides J v A. After all, he lived in my neighborhood and I had known Hofkens and his pigeons well. That was true. 
I replied to him that Hofkens had no strain and never intended to form a strain. And that this also applies to today's well-known names slash good players. I still have the sales list of the ex-butcher from Merksplas and it shows that Hofkens got them everywhere. And STRAIN? Please stop this bull shit. It is high time that word was banned from pigeon racing and the vocabulary of pigeon fanciers.

 Strain/Race is a group of people, animals, or plants that are distinguished from other groups of the same biological species by the same hereditary traits.

 Can't believe he'll be happy with my response. So be it.

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Was everything better in the past? (24-11-23)

When the words 'Den Ad' are mentioned at my house, don't think of the National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance from Marcel Wouters, but..

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Simon Wolf O L R specialist (08-11-23)

I got an email from Elton Dinga in which he had the news that the Hoosier Classic race had been won by a descendant of 'Thomas 6'.

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The main thing (08-11-23)

As long as pigeon sport has existed, it is mainly 'form' that fanciers talk about. Rightly. 

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Questions (03-11-23)

Pigeon sport is very simple, unless you are just starting out. You can see that in the questions that such people sometimes have

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Fooled (01-11-23)

I got another e-mail from a Romanian who feels hugely caught by a Dutchman

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Belgium and Belgians (20-10-23)

Many elderly people, including pigeon fanciers, like to talk about the past

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Naive people sometimes (03-10-23)

Sometimes the alarming thought occurs to me that the naivety of many sportsmen has no lower limit.

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Each a touch of sadism (23-09-23)

Yes, sorry. Again, I'm stuck with something from earlier years in my head

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My 10 commandments (22-09-23)

I saw a cool video on tv about the novice fancier Jense Brosens.

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Absurdism (17-09-23)

Absurdism? No, I don't belong to that movement, although I sometimes have the tendency. Especially last July 16th

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Fanatic and lazy (30-08-23)

I have been able to visit many 'pigeon champions' over the years, mainly because of the writing

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Fairer (28-08-23)

'Pigeon sport is the most unfair sport that exists', you sometimes hear. I had to think about that after reading the email below after the National race from Issoudun in the Netherlands

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